Applied Theater

My research focuses on the ways that theater and theater-making principles can be applied as a practical tool for education, science, and social and organizational change. Theater has historically played an active role in global societies, as a protest, as an unlikely provoker, as a social response, and as an excavator of social themes, but within academia, medicine, and business, theater is often relegated to a siloed academic department or perceived as an outside activity for entertainment. Organizations do not live on paper; they are socially constructed realities, created and sustained by prevailing narratives, stories, metaphors, and conversations. My research-based scripts, performed by professional actors,  present sociological patterns and serve as symbolic, amalgamated representations, or “generative images”, providing viewers a fresh perspective on individual behavior, organizational operations, and alternative actions to address complex challenges. This niche of arts and science has allowed my work to serve as an interdisciplinary crossroads for leaders in academia, medicine, and business.