Jeffrey Allen Steiger is Creative Director of AWED Theater at Florida International University, Artistic Director of The New Theater of Medicine, an Adjunct Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and founding Artistic Director of the  CRLT Players. Mr. Steiger has served as a consultant for business and academia, applying traditional and out-of-the-box interactive techniques to work with professionals, professors, health providers and administrators. He has written and directed a diverse range of sketches and plays and he has presented on his educational approaches to over 100 academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford and the University of Nagoya, Japan. Collaborations include the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Universidad de la Rep├║blica/Uruguay, and exploratory work with Robert Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker Cartoons, on a brief project that used improvisation to examine Mankoff's ideas regarding status and the psycho-biological roots of humor. Mr. Steiger's recognitions include the TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence, and the James T. Neubacher Award.


Faculty, Center for the Arts, Humanities, and Aging, 2015

Washington D.C. Geriatric Education Center Consortium ( WAGECC), 2014

Student of Color of Rackham Certif. of Recogn., University of Michigan, 2010

New Visions Certificate of Recognition, 2007, 2009

Assoc. for Theatre of Higher Education. Interactive Theatre Task Force, 2007

Artist-in-Residence, University of Michigan, 2007

TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence, CRLT Theatre Program, 2006 

BG Award, CRLT Theatre Program, 2005

Best Performance by an Actor, Comedy, The Lover, Ann Arbor News, 2002

Best Comedy, The Lover, Ann Arbor News Awards, 2002

Best Comic Performance, Government Inspector, The Oakland Press, 2000

James T. Neubacher Award Certif. of Appreciation, University Michigan, 2007